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Now offering 10% discount for PLL and genetic testing
for all listed NRTA breeders.

In efforts to further promote the NRTA breeders as having quality Rat Terriers,
Animal Genetics Inc has agreed to give NRTA breeders a 10% courtesy discount for
all types of DNA testing at the NRTA's request. Take advantage of this discount while you can.

In order to receive your Breeder Discount you must print out this page.
Just cut out the Coupon Portion and send it in with the kit you ordered from Animal Genetics.
If you do not print this page and include the coupon you will not receive your discount.

Please email the results to to be recorded in the Registry on your dog.

Click on the website below to order your Test Kits

Animal Genetics Inc.
1336 Timberlane Rd.
Tallahassee, FL 32312-1766
Phone # (850) 386-1145
Fax# (850) 386-1146