Please fill out the form below, print and mail. Once accepted there will be an annual fee of $39 to stay on this list. It is a nominal fee to get breeder support, guidance if needed, and advertising through  our Association. As
a recognized organization since 1995, we have many people interested in our registry. This will generate traffic and customers to your website and is much less expensive than search engine or dog listing advertisements. Some breeders generate enough customers from the NRTA website alone. We are interested in creating excellent dogs and encourage breeders to join our association. We are committed to promoting only quality breeders. We are for the love of the breed.
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* If I fail to register litters for more than one year I will be removed from the Breeders List but will still be able to register dogs.

* I have read the Breeders Code of Ethics and the NRTA Code of Ethics and agree to abide by them.

* I agree to never Broker Dogs or Puppies or take part in any Puppy Milling.


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