Join in the Breeders Public Award Program

The NRTA will apply the Breeder of Excellence Award (logo) to a listed
breeder as selected by the recommendations of the general public.
You the public writes a recommendation and nominates a NRTA listed breeder.

If you have purchased a dog or pup from one of our listed breeders and feel that they qualify please fill out the form below and submit

 To qualify for the award, the breeder must have met the minimum requirements below

*The breeder must have provided you with a dog/puppy that met the standards and had    proper temperament for the breed
*The dog you received should have been healthy and if an unforeseen problem occurred did the breeder sufficiently and reasonably make good
*The breeder did not ship before the age of 8 weeks
*The breeder was found to be honest, trustworthy and lived up to all claims that they made on the dog/puppy.
*You received a written guarantee on your purchase
*You received NRTR registration papers by 12 weeks of age or as promised

If the breeder met all of the above requirements, continue on for your recommendation
and write about your impression of the breeder. This could include things like; were your concerns and questions answered sufficiently or were you happy with the knowledge the breeder had about the Rat Terrier.
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