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My Rat Terriers are bred with the best of intentions to insure ability, quality & personality. They are a part of my family. Whenever & wherever I can I inform people of the wonderful traits that our pure Ratties have. They are such a fine breed, with the temperament for a perfect family pet, small enough for apartment living, easy to train, hardy enough to withstand children & their rough play & they love to hunt! Most of all, they live to love & please their humans! I always recommend that owners take their new puppy to obedience classes, to teach themselves as well as the pup. It will help the new owner & pup to form a life long bond.

I follow the NRTA breeder’s code of ethics & it is my duty & my pleasure to do so. I breed the Class A longer legged square type, in the small to large Standard size. I also now have a male from Mike Brown of Brownking Terriers, out of the Fire Mountain Decker line. (Mike has one of my pups, “Chip” who joined his kennel in 2004.) “Tank” as I call him, is  Decker. I have all of my dogs registered with the NRTR first, (after much research & thought) & with UKCI. I get photos & updates regularly, & each one seems to be a very vital part of the families that they now live in. Some are on farms; some are used as hunters, some as babysitters for children & other pets, (from cats to ferrets & rabbits!) It makes me happiest to hear that they are so important to the new owners! I do of course have references upon request.

 I sell all of my pups with a written health guarantee & sales agreement, approved by the NRTR. I ship puppies no earlier than 8 weeks, & I will also deliver part or all of the way if we can work it out. All pups have tails docked at 3 days, & are wormed every two weeks from birth. All shots are kept current until they are sold, with a record of all worming & shots included. They are fed vitamins & quality food, & I send a bit of food home so that they can be transitioned to any new food that you will be feeding. Friends & family handle them & every day I give lots of TLC! So they are well socialized from all of the hugs & kisses. My adult dogs are immunized & vet checked regularly. I have kennels for each one of them outside while I am at work. I live on a farm, so they get to romp in & out of barns & be around other farm animals when I am at home. In the fall I try to hunt as much as I have time for. Litters are born inside, with me as midwife! They go outside when they are 3 to 4 weeks.  They learn to do their business outside of the kennel boxes by following mom. This helps them to learn how to use “doggy doors”.

Female pups start at $450.00 plus delivery/shipping. Male pups start at $400.00 plus delivery/shipping. There will be a $200.00 deposit on both to reserve. Call or text for current prices. Eventually I will be breeding to increase my Decker blood. Prices will go up accordingly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me! I have an open door, & I would love to have you visit. Because I work during the day, please call so that I can tell you when I will be at home.

Please call on us! We would all love to chat with you!

A litter out of Kariss & Abraham is expected in late summer/Early fall if all goes well.
I will take deposits at any time & as always I am more than willing to chat about them all anytime!

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It all started with “Bear Tuff’s “Bear”
Sadly, she passed away in the fall of 2004. She was 13” tall, 13 ½” long &18 lbs.  She was a Black/Tan, 
& carried the Black/White-Tri gene. She usually had 4 to 6 pups. Her Sire & Dam were farm raised & hunted regularly. 
She herself was a Pheasant flushing/catching & Coon hunting demon! I bred her to Preston’s Buster, 
(AKA Bandit) a Black/White-Tri. Mark used him to hunt Pheasants. He came from Henry Hainline’s Rat Terriers. 
Henry was a farmer, avid hunt & trapper & his name is still famously known in South West Iowa for his 
line of Rat Dogs! This mating produced:
Bear Tuff’s “Josie”
14” tall, 14 1/2” long & is 21.5lbs. She is Black/White-Tri & she also carries the Choc (or liver to some) gene.
She usually has 6 to 8 pups. She does tricks, loves to go for walks, ride the 4-wheeler, go in the pickup
& hunt Pheasants & squirrels, & just to be with me, what ever I may be doing. 
She is a wonderful mother & would nurse any & all pups that I put in with her!
Bear Tuff’s “Buster”
came to me by way of a friend. He was given to me, & what a gift he has been! He is 15” tall, 16” long & 21lbs. 
He is a Black/White, but he carries the Choc/Tri gene as well. His grand dam was also one of Henry Hainline’s dogs. 
He loves to play ”jump up” & will bounce in one spot to hit my hand. He is never cross with the ladies, always gentle 
with his babies, loves to hunt rats & moles, & does so regularly, and then he makes sure that I know it by giving them to me!
He also packs rocks & sticks around just for fun. Chases a ball, but not sticks. He has the sweetest personality & some
of his pups also do the “rock & stick” thing. What a guy!
Bear Tuff “Honey Bear”
born 2/25/02 out of Bear X Buster. She is a Black/Tan-Tri, 14“tall, 14 1/4“long & 21lbs. She was mated for the first time in the 
spring of 2005 to Tank. Honey is so sweet natured, like her sire. She hardly ever barks, & only wants to please! 
She has even picked up helping me “herd sheep” all on her own! She has traveled with me all of the way to 
Idaho & Colorado, & what a good girl she is!
Bear Tuff “Abby”
Born 8/8/2010. She is 17" tall & 40lbs as of Feb 2012
Very Sweet Darling Girl !!!
Bear Tuffs "Cloe"
Cloe - Out of Abby x Tank. Full sister to Jill. Both will be 3 later this month. 
Cloe is 16" & 42#. Very sweet natured. Inteligent & calm.
 Lots of Prey drive!
Bear Tuffs "Jill"
Jill is out of Abby x Tank, same litter as Cloe. Jill is 16" & 40#. 
Same sweet nature & inteligence as Cloe. Has a bit more prey drive, very alert, but still quiet overall. 
Brownking/Bear Tuff “Tank”
Born 11/11/03, out of Fire Mountain Decker Stella X Fire Mountain Decker Duke.
He is 73% plus Decker. He is a Black/White-Tri & has Apricot & Blue genes as well.
He is 22“tall, 23 1/4“long & 41lbs. His mature size is yet to be determined. 
You can see his sire & dam on Mike Brown’s (of Utah) web site Click Here
“Fire Mountain Norths Abraham of Bear Tuff” Male
"Bear Tuff Jubal Fire"out of Cloe and Abe
Seen here are Baby and Adult photos of "Jubal" Male
Jubal is Out of Cloe x Abe last April. Still a pup here at 10 months, so he is filling out nice! 
He is a bit tallerthan Roo, but not sure how much taller he will eventually be. You can see his prey drive
as his nose is to the ground! I use hand signals & he remembered them well, even though I have not worked 
with him in about 3 months! Smart as a whip! All of Abes pups are smart, quiet with
supper, supper sweet personalities!!
Bear Tuff “Dolly”

"Roo" left "              Jubal" right.
 Roo is out of Dolly and a male from Dave Wood's Red River Hunting Deckers in TX. 
She is 14.5" & 35# at 28 months old. Very quiet & very sweet, loves to hunt! 
Just like her mother! She is registered NRTR, UKCI & UKC.
Ruby, full sister to Reba...Dam Josie, Sire Buster. Born June 11th 2005.
She is 14.5 inches & 23lbs
These are the first litter born to Honey Bear & Tank. They are all excellent pups & loved by their new owners with passion!

This is Stella, born 12/20/08. Her dam
is Honey-Bear & her sire is Tank. She now lives in Atlantic
IA & this is from her very first show, (July 2009), in the 
Morgan Horse shows, as a"Carriage Dog". 
She is loved by every one who meets her!

And this is Stella, present day 2015.
This was all from her VERY FIRST show EVER!
She also had the fastest time in the "Barn Hunt"! 
Loves to hunt & loves riding in the carriage shows!!
 Her owner is Glenda Farrier, from Atlantic IA.


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