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Owner Ellis Decker
Alvadore OR
Phone 541-729-5865

"Bluegrass Taz Decker"
Decker Rat Terriers is a small breeder in Western Oregon specializing in quality hunting dogs and pets. Our Dogs are all Registered with the NRTA . We take prey drive and temperament very seriously, and are very choosy about what we breed. We have only a few dogs, which gives us the time to spend with each one to see what its true potential is. We are hunters, and lovers of dogs as well as the great outdoors in general. We have gathered the best dogs we could find in an effort to produce the most beautiful, and well mannered hunting dogs you can find. This is a family project by Ellis, Diana, Mitchell, Madeline and Cole Decker. Ellis Decker is one of Milton Decker's children, and has been involved with Decker Rat Terriers for over 30 years. We hope you like our site! If you have questions or comments, feel free to email us at
or call 541-729-5865. 
Or mail to:
Decker Rat Terriers
P.O. Box 87
Alvadore OR 97409 

Silvana Breeze Sugar Decker

Spinlers Twinkie Decker

Decker's Giant PeachesTreeing

Taz, Sugar and Twinkie hunting mice.
Decker Rat Terriers love to hunt almost anything! They are used for deer, squirrel, upland birds, wild hogs, and even bear. In this picture, Taz, Sugar and Twinkie are hunting mice in our pasture, a favorite activity for them. They are one of the most versitile hunting dogs in exsistance, but don't worry if you aren't a hunter, they are perfectly happy being a best friend! Our dogs are high energy on the hunt, and while playing, but calm pets as well! We have a lot of fun with ours!!!
For more information about our dogs visit our other website at
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