A Poetic Justice On The difficulty of Dog Breeding
By Anonymous

     Passion bound by frustration, frustration bound by passion. For the love of, for the good of, for the sake of, and for the lack of. For power and money, for instinct and humanity. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.. Exploitation or protection, man made or nature’s miracle. Have we truly lost our sensitivity to what has been granted to us all?

Denial or honesty, snitch or dignity. Listen from the heart, think from the common sense. Where did, want what we need, give what we want go? What is attainment, what is goals.  What is the right thing?

Here I sit thinking, watching and listening the good the bad and the evil.
The frustration lies with it all unfolding before you. Hmmmmmm My instinct say something seems awry here. What to do? Are the consequences worth standing for principles or sit and say it's not my business. Is it ethical to expose to educate the unknowing, Or is it unethical to turn a blind cheek. Is it slander or is it justice.

The Raven is in the treetop, he caws to warn the victims of a predator, those who heed the warning are not eaten. Those who don't are swallowed up. Do we hope behind subtleties or rejoice in blatancy. Speaking the truth is very difficult when no one is listening.

You hear a lot about freedom of speech and constitutional rights and invasion of privacy. Is freedom of speech only acceptable when the truth is not exposed. Are constitution rights violated when one has the choice to refuse? Is it an invasion of privacy when you let them in? When looking at freedom of choice all these things become invalid.

How are injustices to be dealt with if at every turn ones rights are violated, or one is being slandered. I suppose one has to do their homework very carefully, ask lots of questions and discover it on their own. In the meantime it may be too late.

Final Score- Dogs zero, Humanity zero.