MY STORY: I was drawn by the honetsy of what you write.

MY STORY: Heres how i got my rat terrier.  Well on Christmas  I went to my step brothers moms house to get my present and boy did i ever get one. Her next door neighbors dog was over there and i fell head over hills in love with her (like i do any other dog!!). She told me I could have her because her neighbors didn't want her any more and i said "i don't know my dad might get mad at me"."Oh if he dose i take all the blame"."what
ever" I said.........That dog has become my baby and my dad didn't get mad after all!!!! Ana Dimeo NC

MY STORY: My name is Brent I'm 13 teen years old my best friend is my dog J.T. he is a ratterrier. And he is 1 year old he likes to play with a ball. I have a nuther dog her name is Tiffy she is very old she does not like to play because she is 13 teen in dog years in people years she is 99years old. Can you belive that!

MY STORY: My name is Katelyn and I live in Northwest Florida.  We have a 40 pound rat terrier, named Scooter.  Unlike our other rat terriers, he's never been interested in treeing squirrels--just eating them! So
me and my Dad starting training him to trail a wounded deer.  When my Dad would kill a deer, he would save little strips of the hide or the feet and pull them along the ground and through the bushes, then hide it and turn Scooter out to find it.  When he found it, he could chew on it.  He loved this game and we did too as we made it harder and harder for him.  We hadn't tried him on a real deer yet though.  Today my uncle who lives next door shot and wounded a deer on his property. Scooter went with them to look for it.  He trailed it up and caught and held it until my uncle finished killing it.  I was proud of Scooter! All those training games paid off.  It's not good for a deer to be wounded and have to suffer for a long time.

MY STORY: Hi, I am Jessica from Pennsylvania and I am 13yrs old. I have a 5 month year old Rat Terrier named Lexy, and boy is she a handful! I had always loved animals and we always had a lot of them but I always wanted a little puppy. Originally I had wanted a big dog like a Vizla or a Wimeriemer, but when i thought about it daddy would not have been to happy with a huge dog in the house (considering all of the big dogs we ever really had had to stay outside in the cozy barn. So any way I had wanted to save a dog from the pound but one day just mom and I were in the mall and there was the most adorable female and male rat Terriers there. Well I coxed my mother into letting me atleast hold the male and he was cool but the males tend to bite strangers,  so then
I asked mom if she would let me hold the little shy female. And she said sure. Then we went in a little room in the store and I got to hold her and play with her. I had so much fun. And if that as not enough i coaxed my mom again into buying her and it worked. My dad though really had no say in it, we just brought the dog home I was so happy he was not mad.
      Lexy Is so adorable and a bit of a rebel I am afraid of. She isnvery dominent over our female 9 yr old fox terrier named sandy. I want to teach lexy alot of tricks and just the simple commands like sit and
come (i can tell it is going to be alot of work.)I love my rat Terrier Lexy and I would never give her up! 

MY STORY: Hi,my name is Amber i live in fl. One time my ratty named Polly went outside. We looked out the window and polly was trotting down the driveway carrying a large slice of cheese pizza. Pizza delivrry, who
ordred the large slice of cheese pizza? 

MY STORY: Hey what do you know its Cassie again i love reading your funny stories. I hope i get to read more of them Rocko is still "you know" lol. Its great to hear from some of you again, Oh and Anna love your story sounds like such a great dog. Hope i get to see a picture of her.:) Hope to talk to you all later.     *Cassie

Hi! My name is Penny! I am very hyper! I am black,white, and brown. I have a curly tail. My owner's name is Anna.  Now, you must want to know one of my stories! Let me think.....I know! One time i was playing in the backyard.  Then I saw alot of men in the next yard.  So, nautrally, Iwent to see what was going on. They had this BIG ladder on the side of the house. So, I climbed it. I went all the way to the top! Well, i thought, I better get down, but I was way too scared! You have no idea how high up i was! So one of the men had to climb the ladder and get me down. That is my most favorite
story! from anna Louisiana

MY STORY: Hi. My name is Chrissy. I liwi in Milwaukee, W.I. Me and my family adopted a rat terrier from our local humane society. Her name is Millie. She is sooooo cute and smart. I evan taught her to dance with
me. She is only a little over 1 year old. She has black all over her face acept by her mouth and a white line from the end of her muzzle to the back of her head. She is all white from the neck down acept for one large black spot on the middle of her back and another one near the end her back to the base of her tail. She also has a lot of black spots on the skin of her belly. She is loyal, brave, smart, strong, cute and the perfect dog for me.
by:Chrissy  age 12

MY STORY: my name is jess. my puppys name is elle. one day me and my mum went on a walk with elle. and THEN A big dog came and jumped on elle and bit her on her  NECK . I grabed elle and threw a stone at the dog it ran away. I huged elle. I live in England .

MY STORY: Hi my name is Val I am excited that my picture of Holly is still in the Rat Terrier pictures. Holly is now a year old. She eats EVERYTHING. She sleeps on three goose down pillows and a leather chair. She won a blue ribbon in Best Dressed Puppy! She was dressed up as Marzipan (a pink barbie* horse) pulling a barbie* sleigh with Ken and Barbie in it. The judge said that not many dogs would do that. She is going in this year as a Hawaiian Dog.
Val & Holly, Vermont

MY STORY: I had some silkworms and one droped, my rat terrier was playing with it. It was so funny because after he was alittle scared of it because he didnt know what it was.

MY STORY: Hi I'm Marisa from Conyers GA- I have a a 6 yr. old Rat Terrier named Patches, he is very kind and cute!! When we say "get em'" he looks around to see what we mean. He starts "racing" with the dog next door!! Well that's all for now...bye! 

MY STORY: Hey my name is Emily  and i have a rat terrier named OZZIEand she is my  best friend

MY STORY: Briana, age 5, Mississippi- My mom brought 'Frodo" home and surprised me. I have a big dog, but I can't play with her like I can Frodo. My mom thinks we play too rough but we just like to play. He sleeps with me and when I get home from school he licks my face all over. I wish I could take him to school with me. He is a hero.

MY STORY: When I bought my first Rattie I was not prepared for the limitless intelligence of this little creature.  Each morning she would watch me take the car keys out of my pocket book, walk out the door and go to work.  One morning while I was dressing I watched her go into my pocket book, take out the keys and run out through the doggie door into the yard.  By the time I had gotten dressed enough to follow her she was already on her way back in, wagging her stubby little tail and looking very self satisfied.  It took me most of the morning to find
where she had buried my car keys! Jane from Pennsylvania.

MY STORY: Hello,  My name is Cassie Thoms age 12 1/2, I live in Ann Arbor, MI. Well, my friend at school has a Rat Terrier and man will she talk about Rocko her dog.Well, just last week she telling me about the way Rocko kept eating her trash from the trash can. Well every time it got funnier. I will never forget the time he ate my shoe, well tore it. Man my mom was mad but oh well.

MY STORY: We have a rat terrier puppy and he LOVES to play with our Australian Shepherd. They play wrestle and tag for hours and never get tired. They love eachother and like to be together all the time. Sometimes Gizmo(rat terrier) steals Molly's(Australian shepherd) bone. They run around the livingroom and Molly tries to get her bone back. Sometimes they play tug-o-war with a stretchy toy in the backyard. We love them both.

MY STORY: I my name is Sandy. I live in Key West FL.. I love Rat terriers thats why I have one. She is so gentel, loveing, kind, she is so so so sweat, and she just loves to play. But she is not crazy like jumpy, mean and bad. When she sees a baby she is so gental she jumps up on the babys lap and starts licking!!!! Finally her name is Zoey. Her color is brown, white, and spots all over her belly and under the white furr.When she gets wet evey inch of her body is spots!!!!!!! She is 7 months old. She is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

MY STORY: my rat's name is sticky taffie mae she got that name because she is alwayz by my side and she is so tiny but she can jump over our chain linked fence and she's really hyper she runs all day on 20 acers with my two horses and my mini dauhson and and the all night she sleeps just like a baby! from brandie in oklahma

MY STORY: My dogs name is luna { which means moon in sapanish} sence she's black we like to call her the dark side of the moon well any way luna we rescued when we heard this loud frantic crying noise in the dump i looked in and there she was all cuddled up shivering and sacered i didn't pick her up emmideitly cause she had ticks that were sucking the life out of her so what i did is i called my vet and she came they put these gloves on so she would'nt get a desise from the dog anyway 2 weeks latter she was all healthy and got to take her home are house is a 3 story house with a gym and movie theater in it so in order for luna to not get lost in 79 acre house we just left her down stairs so she would get use to all of the new suroundings well its been one year sence i've rescued her and remember animals are forever

MY STORY: Joshua Patterson (Daytona Beach,FL) says: I love my Sophi, she has ears like Dobey from Harry Potter and her eyes are always beaming. My Nala behaves very well, she loves her tennis ball, but you have to hide the ball so she stops chasing it.

MY STORY: Shelley Latta, MY baby is Isabell,she's the sweetest thing in the world , she has never done anything wrong, just a really good dog...I feel Iam blessed to have her in my life I love her more than anything... now that I have my little buddy like her I just may have to get one more? She makes me smile every day I take her everywere I go... love you Is..Love Mommy...Riverton,Ut

MY STORY: My dogs name is Sully. He was born in TN. He is sooooooocute. I like to dress him in little clothes that fit my dolls.  Sully likes to wear them, but most of all he loves playing fetch.  It's really funny that he is scared of my hamster but bosses around my friend's german shepard and another friend's greyhounds. 
Meghan FL.

MY STORY: My RAT TERRIER is a year old. Her name is Miss DAISY May. She is these colers black,white, brown. I love her very much. My name is Molly Katherine Ashby.

MY STORY: My rat 's name is Maizie and i just got her. She is my best friend in the world. My name is Elijah. Rat Terriers rock!!!!!

MY STORY: Hi my name is Laura and my dog name is Chiquito I live in Virginia.I have a rat terrier I think he is the cuttes thing on earth but he is a truble macker onetime he got loose and a giant dog got loose and my dog was runing he past a light and the giant dog nouck the light down the dog couth up my dog looked back and grauld he smoke that dog the owner put the dog in side.