Stopping It Now

   The NRTA in an effort to improve the future of our breed and to assist those who would be future owners, admirers and breeders realize that knowledge and education can best make this happen. With the present popularity of this breed on the rise along with an increasing amount of new breeders it is inevitable that an increase in problems will also be seen. Because we have begun to hear about some of the problems listed below we feel that it's time to find out how frequently they are occurring. By doing a survey of the Rat Terrier population we can take measures to halt them from progressing.

Each breed comes with its own set of inherited defects most of which are unknown because of the mode of inheritance which is recessive in nature. It is up to the breeders to pinpoint and eliminate these genes so as not to continue the problems. Adjustments in breeding programs need to be made now. We have a wonderful, loving tempered breed with unique characteristics and great looks but stability and soundness rank much higher than mere esthetics. It helps no one to just purchase a good-looking dog that has a future of medical bills and heartache. A champion is not synonymous with soundness, good breeders are.

 To help educate our breeders in producing sound Rat Terriers we are asking the supporters of the breed to participate in this survey so that we may accurately access the number of  occurrences and address them. It will only take a few moments to complete and will help the breed continue on to a healthy future.

Click here for the results of this survey.
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