Hunters Real or Otherwise
Ratties... can be dedicated hunters.  SkipperToo! and Sweet Charlotte (Sharlee) are serious hunters.  To date, Sharlee's been cut over her eye by a 13" barn rat, and Skip's nearly lost an eye to a large squirrel and has had his cheek sliced open by the back 'claws' of a large jackrabbit.
Sherri Chatterton, NC

Apparently the victim doesn't have to be real!!
Daphne is such a great dog.  She keeps my Mom on her toes but minds very well and besides her psycho outburst of energy around 7:30 every night she is pretty mellow.  She didn't bark for a long time and I was a little worried, but now she barks at her ball and the rug in front of the door.  Don't ask me why.  She also is taking all the mice away from the cats.  She has caught 2 that I am aware of, but she isn't killing them yet, just playing.  Dad has her digging in
the molehills so hopefully she will pick one off soon.  Thanks again!!!

Jennifer Yost

Dogs just wanna have Fun!

There is no question about it. Dogs love to play. They're not picky about toys but you should be, for safety's sake. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the best toys for your favorite canine friend.

Find toys appropriate to your dog's size now (not what size her will be or was). Very small toys can be dangerous they could be swallowed and lodge in your dogs mouth or throat.

Know your dog's chewing habits. More active chewers should only have tough, durable toys. Average chewers can have toys make of plush, canvas or rope. But be careful; if they start tearing them up remove them immediately. Light chewers can have latex or vinyl toys.

Get rid of broken toys or toys that can be easily ripped apart, especially if your dog is still in the puppy stags or is an active chewer.

Variety, variety, variety. Dogs love to play with all kinds of toys. To keep his interest in toys longer, make only four or five toys available at a time and rotate them