Our Faithful Rat Terriers

Now, you've got to admit...pack pups they
do be. None of these little ones are related,
but they love each other anyway. Sherri

Hello,We just wanted to send you a picture of Max since today is his birthday.  He is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Take care,
Dianne & Pat McLaughlin

Now this is the ultimate! JorNatta having pups in bed with Mardo Blanco in CA.

Thought this pic was cute of 
Karson River and Pixie

"Buddy " owner Rebecca Shanes, MI

Her name is "Minime Mendo" ... talk about a cutie pie! Terri Jones
This little dogs name is Mia Bonita and she's shown here with her daddy, Georgie (mama Shirley took the shot). George and Shirley travel to senior citizens' and 'shut-in's' homes, bringing their singing/playing talents to cheer folks up.  Mia has taken to going with them to add her brand of therapy, loving the folks her human
parents help out.