Dog Anatomy Diagram
Back - the part of the body between the loin and the 
Brisket - the chest of the dog. 
Carpals - the wrist, the bones of the pastern joint. 
Dewclaw - the tiny, useless, fifth claw - located on the inner part of the leg above the other toes. 
Ear - the fleshy, often triangular appendages on the head associated with hearing. 
Flews - the hanging part of the dog's upper lips. 
Forearms - The parts of the forelegs between the elbow and the pastern. 
Forefoot - the front feet. 
Hindfoot - the back feet. 
Hips - the joints at the uppermost part of the hindlegs. 
Hock - the bones that form the ankle/heel of the dog.
Loin - the parts of the body located on both sides of the backbone between the ribs and the hips.
Muzzle - the front parts of the jaws.
Nose - the tip of the muzzle.
Pastern - the part of the leg below the knee of the front leg or below the hock of the hind leg.
Ruff - the long, thick hair that grows around the neck.
Shoulder - the joint at the uppermost part of the forelegs.
Stifle - the dog's knee, located on the hind leg above the ankle.
Stop - the indented part of the skull between the eyes.
Tail - the hind-most part of the backbone, set on the rump.
Thigh - the upper part of the hind leg.
Withers - the top of the shoulders, just behind the neck.
Regardless of whether your Rat Terrier is a Type A or a Type B
the anatomy remains the same just in different proportions.