How Dog Smart Are You?
Try this quiz on health and behavior

     Perhaps you're the owner of a new pup or a longtime caretaker of a dog who's earned his place as a member of the family. In either case, you may question if you're providing the best nutrition. You wonder if his hot, dry nose means he's under the weather. And when exactly is the ideal time to neuter that new puppy?

Not to worry. Here is an article with a wealth of questions about dogs' health and behavior. The answers will boost your canine know-how and just might improve your dog's life. Cozy up with your furry companion and get started. The next page contains the answers, explanations and scoring information, so no peeking.

1. How many teeth does a dog have?

2. What's a dog's average temperature?

3. Does a hot, dry nose indicate illness?

4. How often do unspayed dogs go into heat?

5. How many puppies will a medium-size dog deliver?

6. Should you allow your dog to have a litter of puppies to satisfy her maternal instinct before spaying?

7. What's the optimum age for neutering?

8. True or false: You judge a dog's condition by looking into his eyes.

9. Is eating grass normal or a sign of illness?

10. True or false: A dog's licking or chewing houseplants is harmless.

11. How long should a dog have diarrhea before you seek medical help?

12. True or false: Arthritis, a normal part of aging, has no cure.

13. How many calories a day does a 22-pound dog under 8 years of age require for good health:
     a. 350 - 450
     b. 600 - 800
     c. 1,000 - 1,200

14. How many times a day should you feed a dog?

15. What information should you look for on a dog food label to ensure the best nutrition?
     a. The food's percentage of water
     b. Certification it meets AAFCO requirements       for feeding trials
     c. The expiration date

16. What's the most common dietary problem among dogs?

17. True or false: Dogs can hear sounds up to 250 yards away.

18. True or false: Dogs are colorblind.

19. True or false: The No.1cause of dog abandonment is behavior problems.

20. True or false: You come home to find an expensive pair of shoes or one of your child's toys chewed beyond recognition. Punishing your puppy now is the best way to prevent repetition of the behavior.

21. Based on an 11-year life span, the average cost of owning a dog is:
     a. $13,350
     b. $5,350
     c. $2,500

22. Dogs originated from:
     a. Wolves
     b. Jackals
     c. Coyotes and wolves

23. What's the most popular dog breed in the United States?
     a. Labrador Retriever
     b. Poodle
     c. German Shepherd

24. The breed that doesn't bark?
     a. Papillion
     b. Shar-Pei
     c. Basenji

25. The smallest breed?
     a. Chihuahua
     b. Yorkshire Terrier
     c. Miniature Pinscher

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