Rats and Their People

     Although these two girls  co exist peacefully together they have very different personalities. Lucy is just as she looks a real "lady", very polite and dainty. Alice is rough and tough, and gets herself into all kinds of mischief. Maybe Lucy was like that too when she was a "teenager" and I just don't remember!  Alice seems to have a few "hang ups" too, like riding in the car.  Lucy is a happy rider -  loves to stick her head out the window and enjoy the breeze.  Alice is ok around town but get her on the highway and she panics.  Last trip to Cape Cod she stood and panted most of the way.  Poor puppy.  I'm working on it though -- short trips here and there -- I think she's improving.  She's much more protective of the house too -- barks much easier than Lucy when someone is "lurking".

     I'm keeping her in classes that are fun as well as good for her development and see improvements all the time.  I get the two of them out every weekend for long runs/walks/ chases in the park/woods -- its been a great winter for that!  The park I go to is FULL of dogs so they both get to make lots of friends.  Boy, do the other dog owners get a kick out of my rats! They both like to play at the pond - bob for polliwogs, run in the sand and find treasures in the tall grasses.  Its a great spot for them (and me!) and I just love to take them up there.
Sandy Philbrook CT

     Here's a great shot of of Peaches at the March 2002 NADAC Agility Trial (North American Dog Agility ) held in Marlboro N.J. by "Jersey Agility Association". Peaches won 3 blue ribbons and 3 Qualifying "Legs" towards her Novice Agility Title, and her Novice Jumpers Title. This was her VERY FIRST TRIAL !!
BTW, these competitions are athletic competitions, not beauty pagents, and the dog must be "checking in" with their handler throughout the run. I think the Rat Terriers are naturals at this since they so want to please, and are so naturally athletic. Agility is much tougher than it looks on Animal Planet, but the beauty of it is that anybody can do it.  I've seen folks in wheelchairs, and with prosthetic legs , older handlers and young handlers running their dogs. The main thing is to have fun, and BTW, this sport provides a great opportunity to bond with your pup. Peaches is a very motivated little competitor, and can more than hold her own. She generates a lot of interest in the Rat Terrier Breed because she is so focused on me and her job, which of course she earns very tasty treats and much praise. Out of 500 entries at this trial, she was the only Rat Terrier entered. My other Rat Terrier is coming along nicely in her agility training and it won't be long before we enter her in her first trial also.      Judy Schor