Jack Tripper LaRue - A Rat Terriers Accomplishments
     I wanted to tell you this story as March 25 will be Trippers 14 birthday. When I got Tripper it was in May of 1989. At that time rat terriers in NY where unheard and hard to find at least from the work I did. I searched and asked many folks. All my dog friends and judges could only find 3 at that time. What a chore on how to show him. Rare breed was one choice and the other was with the Mixed Breed Dog Club. Tripper was registered with UKCI, Mixed Breed Dog Club and a rat terrier association in Texas. At that time that's all I could find. He is registered as Jack Tripper LaRue and came from Iowa.

Tripper in his years in NY did so much and for a rat I wanted to share what they can do. By now I think folks know what rats can do. He excelled in agility and loved to work varmints. He has pulled a cart in many parades with the Mixed Breed Dog Club, and his cart has his name on it. Therapy dog was a delight that he did for 3 years every week, once a week. A great article was written on his visits in one of the NRTA newsletters.

Here is a list of what he has done:
Jack Tripper LaRue
He earned a certificate of Basic Obedience Nov. 6, 1989
With the Mixed Breed Dog Club he earned Beginner Mixed Breed Nov. 5 1990
Agility Dog 1 Nov. 5,1990
Working Dog Title Feb 27,1991
Certificate of K-9 Good Citizenship Nov. 24, 1990
Advance Beginner Working Dog Title Nov. 27, 1991.
From the American Working Terrier Assoc. Ithaca, NY on June 19,1192 he earned a Certificate of Gameness. This was his first time out. What a surprise it was.
From the Mixed Breed Dog Club he earned 14 confirmation points as of July 2, 1991 .
At one show he won Winners Dog, Best of Breed, Best of Opp. Sex and Best of Winners.
He was also one of the first Champion of Merit with the NRTA.

I really wanted to pursue so much more and Fly ball was another thing he was a natural at. I moved south in 1993 and everything changed so much. Tripper had to enjoy walks and the fact he was not on a farm anymore. He will be 14 on March 25, 2003 and is still doing well. Rats are wonderful and I wanted everyone to know what the are so capable of doing and what a real joy they are to have. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did looking back at what we did together.

Submitted by: Kathy Mateleska

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