Oh My !!!
           Guy Chatterton, NC                                  Jeff Snapp, ME                                         Eric Massey, WI

A Man’s Dog ?
And who ever said that men didn’t like little dogs !!! Understatement to say the least…….

Stephanie and Dave Holland with “Kenna”
George Luse with “Mia” eating cheese
 from Dads mouth !!
          Andrew and Taleen Klick with                Bucky and "Remi"
                  “Gracie and Hank”
Mary Marsilio with her newly bought puppy.
Intelligent To Say The Least

     When I bought my first Rattie I was not prepared for the limitless intelligence of this little creature.  Each morning she would
watch me take the car keys out of my pocket book, walk out the door and go to work.  One morning while I was dressing I
watched her go into my pocket book, take out the keys and run out through the doggie door into the yard.  By the time I had
gotten dressed enough to follow her she was already on her way back in, wagging her stubby little tail and looking very self
satisfied.  It took me most of the morning to find where she had buried my car keys!

                                   Jane from Pennsylvania.

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