Rats and More Rats.......
Noah is pooped and puppy “Apollo” wants to play.

This is Joey and Bailey with there 
Puppy “Zac

“Poco” from Jimmy King. Denis the menis on 4 legs.
Unfortunately "Poco" is no longer with them. He
recently passed away. Our condolences to you.

Charlie is a VERY special dog and is so handsome, smart and well behaved.  He has been very healthy and everyone loves him (even non-dog lovers!!)  He is a year and a half old now. 
Aaron and Sara Michelucci
       “Sadie” Owned by Jason Qunell, TX        “Mickey” sent in anonymous        From left to right Faerie type B, Molly 
                                                                                                                           type A and Skye decker line owned
                                                                                                                              by Guy & Sherri Chatterton, NC
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