The Difference A Little Rat Can Make
     Just to let everyone know how much joy a Rat can bring someone in need. Ralph, 
Eddie's dad, is a good personal friend of ours who has been shoeing our horses for many years.  His wife, Theresa is a beautiful dedicated mother & wife. Last November 2002 
on a rainy night while delivering pizza. Eddie was involved in an  automobile accident. The accident left Eddie with severe head  injuries and a broken femur. As a result, these 
injuries have  affected Eddie's movement & speech. Eddie was able to come home 
from the hospital about a month ago. (While in the hospital and rehab his parents have 
been at his side everyday.) His parents now take him to PT 4 times a week. During 
their visit with us they were enjoying all our kids. Eddie wore our my black GSD Miss 
Nellie with hand commands and retrieving her ball for him. 
     Our Izzy who is normally very active was so very good sitting on Eddie's lap 
enjoying all the attention.  Ralph & Theresa where very impressed with our little RT's.
  I promised Eddie if he practiced real well in PT & ST we would find him his very own RT. We got the thumbs up from Eddie & his parents OK.  Theresa said she can't wait! See the little Rat "Izzy" near him in the chair? She really brought a smile to his face along with our Bulldog Mickey.
Mom and "Nebula"
     My mother also suffers from Alzheimer's and our little Rat "Nebula" has been a great comfort to her in an otherwise difficult situation. Mom has replaced her dolls with Nebbie.  She talks to her constantly.  I guess she knows her secrets are safe with Nebula.  When Nebbie goes to play with Mickey our ABD, my mother gets a little upset.  She reprimands Mickey by saying ........ " Hey, leave her alone, you know she's only a little kid!" Nebula loves it too and has brought great joy to all of us.

Carol Pompey, PA

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