Dogs that have been accepted into the 
Foundation Stock for this quarter
  • Fire Mountain's Desiree
  • Fire Mountain's Drummer Boy
  • Fire Mountain's Kirby 
  • Fire Mountain's Captain Hook
  • Burzs Moon
  • Burzs Spider
  • Rat Pack's Gigilo


     Our Rat Terrier Foundation Network is now in motion. This Network of breeders is dedicated to producing good dogs for the improvement and the preservation of the breed. Why? With the continuing watch on the health survey it is essential that our breeds problems decrease and not increase. We are asking all our breeders to participate in the project. 

     We have created a foundation stock registry database that will list those dogs that qualify. This will make the search for stock free of defects easier to locate. In addition the database will also identify and marks carriers of genetic defects. Any dog entering the system must have 3 generations of complete pedigree information. It is the goal to compile 200-300 dogs to be used for studbook records that must be free of and free of producing all major defects.  The Registry will be kept open to allow new blood to enter which is essential to the future of the breed.

    If you would like to join go here or email us for information sent to you.  Applications can be submitted online or by postal mail.

The Foundation Network List of Breeders
April Snapp
Lou Blanco
Rosalie Rinear
Michelle Heist
Margaret Burz................
Paulette Buckner
Peter Precourt
Shirley Holubec
Kerri Darr
Barbara Cox
Marion Shiller

Dog's Applying for Foundation Stock

The following is a list of dogs and their heritage applying for foundation stock dogs. This list will be posted for 3 months in each issue of the newsletter and on the internet on the NRTA web site.

Dog - Pinecreek Joy Boy
Parents - Blanton's Jake
Sugar Babe
Grandparents - Smokey Black Magic
Nance's Patches
Spring Flower Samey
Spring Flower Daisey

Dog - Burzs Batman aka  Baby
Parents - Sparky
Grandparents - Rocky of Springwater
Brenda of Springwater

Dog - Elvis
Parents - Deazia's Rascal
Deazia's Sister
Grandparents - Willie Hunt

Dog - Holubec's Barky
Parents - Jake
Grandparents - Mac

Dog - Holubec's Buster
Parents - Elvis
Matilda Jane
Grandparents - Deaziz's Rascal
Deazia's Sister
Meyersville Beau II
Meyersvilee M's Annie

Dog - Fire Mountains Sassy Sarah
Parents - Fire Mountains Little Boy Blue
Fire Mountains Sassy Too
Grandparents - High Sierra Decker
Fire Mountains Heidi Ho
Fire Mountains Kahlua
Fire Mountains Sassy

Dog - Coxs Greystroke
Parents - Coxs Maxamillion
Coxs Blue Chrystle Velvet
Grandparents - King G Chambers
Baby Doll Chambers
Sireks Apache
Sireks Little Silver

Dog - Coxs Maxamillion
Parents - King G Chambers
Baby Doll Chambers
Grandparents - Little San Man
Pepsi Jennifer
Coxs Little Blue Gem Dandy
Monicas Baby Doll

Dog - Coxs Cupcake Cutie
Parents - King G Chambers
Coxs Pop The Cork
Grandparents - Little San Man
Pepsi Jennifer
Duvalls Little Britches
Duvalls Piglet

Dog - Holubec's Mr Bean
Parents - Lucky Luke Tussey
Candy Girl Tussey
Grandparents - Sandy
Sanree's Tuck Um Up
Sanree's Lucky Lady

Dog - RPKs Fire Cracker
Parents - RPKs Cracker Jack
Shellys Jazzy Jewel
Grandparents - Pal's Cream De Cocoa
Pal's Caramel Cream

Dog - Fire Mountains Silverado
Parents - Fire Mtn Sundancer
Fire Mtn Cloud
Grandparents - Fire Mountains Tonka
Fire Mountains Moon Dancer
Fire Mountains Tonka
High Sierra Mist

Dog - Amazing Patti
Parents - Skeeter Valantine
Amazing Taffy
Grandparents - High Sierra Rusty Rules
Fire Mountains Belle Starr

Dog - Fire Mountains Sassy Too
Parents - Fire Mtns Kahlua
Fire Mtns Sassy
Grandparents - Fire Mountains Jim Dandy
Fie Mountains Fire Fly
Fire Mountains Harley
Fire Mountains Dixie

Dog - Fire Mtns Yankee Doodle Dandy
Parents - Fire Mountains Cocoa
Birch's Sparkle
Grandparents - Fire Mountains Jim Dandy
Fire Mountains Sassy Too
Birch's Bubba
Fire Mountains Tootsy

Dog - Fire Mountains Little Boy Blue
Parents - High Sierra Decker
Fire Mountains Heidi Ho
Grandparents - Cajuns Dandy
Deckers Perky
Fire Mountains Jim Dandy
Fire Mountains Heidi

Dog - Fire Mountains Tequila Sunrise
Parents - Fire Mtns FoxFire
Fire Mtns Ginger
Grandparents - Fire Mtns Kahlua
Fire Mtns Sugarbear
Fire Mountains Hero
Fire Mountains Misty

Dog - Fire Mountains Cocoa
Parents - Fire Mtns Jim Dandy
Fire Mtns Sassy Too
Grandparents - Cajuns Grand Slam
Cajuns Topsy Turvy
Fire Mountians Kahlua
Fire Mountians Sassy