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News Flash!
     At the tender age of 13 weeks Burzs Miss Rita Rat has hunted and killed her first mole! With the hole location assist of big half-brother, Rizzo! We are proud!
Regards, Deborah
"Rita Rat" and "Rizzo"

Truly, EVERYONE wants to know where we got Coogee (name of famous beach in Sydney; also name of area where I stayed S. of Perth before I got hurt).

     Coogee was ALWAYS with me in the wheelchair or running near the chair ... dragging a light retractable leash with him. So he met a ton of people and pets,
plus gained tons of confidence, as I'd give him ample freedom to roughhouse from the 1st day on.
Anytime I'd say loudly, "Come onnn Coooggggeeeee..." he would bolt to the chair. Anytime I left the chair to practice walking, he would prance right behind me and run first to the chair when I would turn to return.

     I had him run and run and run and he is now STRONG. When he gets angry, he curls up his lip. When he does I put my mouth right up to the curl and blow into his mouth!!!!!!! He gets sooooo many kisses.

     GREAT pet. The best. And he has taught Noodle (the other ratter who is a year older) to be a bit more tolerant. Noodle is a rescue dog, believe it or not. They are inseparable, truly. Coogee is much bigger than Noodle, but he still sees him as his daddy, sort of. Total respect. But man, how they do play.

     SOOOOoooooooo.... much fun. OK, behave....
Charlie New York City


     HI.......I had this pic sent to me from folks who purchased the rat from me 6 years ago..his name is PACO (my TACO was his dad)...they came back to get another rat today since the unfortunate death of PUGSY the pug. I thought you would get a kick out of the rat and pug faces!! HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!!!
SMILES Patty Cromer 
"Pugsy" and "Paco"

This is "Sassy" our 2 year 3 month old Rat Terrier with her friend "Lady" a Chihuahua mix.  Sassy is 12 lbs of attitude! Sassy likes to steal Lady's bone if she doesn't eat it fast enough, a real opportunist is our young rat!  Sassy has always felt that our family room couch is HER territory but another break through- both dogs are asleep on the couch. Marcia MacCullagh, VA