From Our Readers
Chloe has gotten a great bill of health and is up to 6.8 lbs. (from 3.4 on her arrival). Because we don't plan to breed her (we wish we had the time) she will be fixed in a few weeks.  She is housebroken now, but is a wee wee pad dog just like we wanted (thank goodness considering the amount of snow we have).  She only likes Bil-jac food which we found after much trial and error including turning our stove into our own dog food factory.  She is very active and loves to get exercise, but also makes time to cuddle.  She is a charmer who
Instantly befriends kids, adults, and other dogs. She is very neat and very good and never chews or destroys.  She is with us almost every moment of every day and we like it that way!  Now we don't have to be as tough with her at all. She still has a few little quirks to work out- she is just a toddler after all, but we are so glad we brought her into our lives.
Jennifer Healey
"Bit 'O Purple", who has become a sheer delight in our household. She is now almost 16 months old, and weighs a whopping four and a half pounds. I wanted small. I sure got it and I love it. She is now totally housebroken, knows all the rules of our home, and is still a total bundle of energy. Yet she is beginning to settle down to the point where she will more often than not jump up and lie on my lap when I settle into my lounge chair.
     The most wonderful part about this dog, however, is her incredible temperament. She is so sweet, has never, ever growled or gotten upset at anything, and is so good with children and other dogs it is almost unbelievable. We have two little grandsons, one who just turned four and one who just turned three. She adores them, running after them, jumping on them, licking them until they beg for mercy, and then allowing herself to be petted, carried around upside down, sat with, or whatever else the boys want to do with her. She is so small that she doesn't intimidate them, so they totally trust that she will not hurt them in any way, and she never has. She is even this way with totally strange children we meet on our walks. She will spend countless minutes running with them on the lawn or sitting and licking them. She is just amazing.
I have attached of our then two-year-old grandson, David holding her. You can see how submissive she is. He thinks she is the greatest toy in the world.
Pat Goodman

"Buddy & my daughter Alesha
Jan Davis

This is “Harry” he hasn’t gotten all his nose color yet!!!!
Owner Kim Corso
Here is one happy family Rocy, Lacie and Little Izie.  The baby has been adopted and has a wonderful family.  She wins over everyone's heart.  We have a three rat household the two toys in the photo and a 8 year young mini that started our love for the breed. We really enjoy the news letter, keep up the good work.
Thank You
Mark and Diane Yohnk’s    Ladysmith, WI
Hi there.  I know it's been a long time since my last email, but I thought you'd be interested in seeing a picture of Hemi, now that he's all grown up.
Hemi's the black one, and Shelby's our little girl.
Tom Moody
What a lovable pup. Grady and Tyler were love at first sight (us too). He has blended in immediatly with us and we are looking forward to Grady being a part of our family. Tyler is so happy. 
Thanks again,  Paul

Owners Chris and Pam Butlers

Just wanted you to see how precious Kira's little baby turned out to be.... she weighs just about 3 lbs...
Lindsey Matano, NJ
Kris Maine from Florida with her new puppy. Shown right is the little baby cakes under her blankets.
 Now this one is hard to beat !!!!
Jimmie says “We never grow up ! "

The caption says, Now I mean for you to stay in there and behave!!! That is suppose to be for the Rat, isn’t it??????
Jimmie King's Poco and wife.


"Madison" Owner Cindy Bogus

"Sasha" Owner Lorie Dorr, ME