In Memory Of Elvis

     I received my newsletter the other day and of course I couldn't wait to read it like always. I opened to the page of the dogs that have been accepted for the Foundation Stock and there was Elvis's name. Tears came to my eyes. He got killed by a care a couple of months ago and I still miss him so!!! He was the first dog that I purchased when I first started raising Rat Terriers. He would hav been 8 years old this year. He weighted only 6 lbs. But he was the King of the Rats. He would tree a squirrel for hours and he loved when I would pick up a piece of wood or tin laying on the ground and a rat would try to run for cover, but he nailed him before he had a chance. Then he would walk around---so proud of himself! He sired many puppies and I'm so glad his bloodline will be around for a long time. I kept one of his sons, Buster, who looks almost identical to him. He will be 5 years old this year. There will never be another dog like  my Elvis but his memory will live on forever in my heart.

Shirley Holubec
Holubecs Rat Ranch, TX

Here is a picture of Elvis's son Buster and Mr Bean's
daughter Ginger Snap. They are inseparable and will have
beautiful puppies together !!