Those Babies…..…..

Robin Peckham's Pretty Pups

Callie's Baby
Adoptee seen below, her name is
Through all the trails and tribulations of motherhood and even adoptions….. .. .. ..
Well, Miss Carolina Jessamine-Marie started out with one little daughter; I introduced tiny little four-week old Autumn (the chocolate), whose siblings have outgrown her and vie for all her natural Mom's attention/milk.  Well, Jessa Marie wasn't real sure what to do with her the first few hours, but, as you can see, by the second day she just accepted her as a gift of another baby girl.  That's my girl, Jess, she's an absolute delight (Heavy sigh ... ain't it great ... And of course Grandpa helped too…..Sherri Chatterton
Well These Sweet Babies Turn Into Those Hunters
Ok, lets get that mouse, you
ready Prissy?

Ohhhhhh I think I almost got him !!!

Ha Ha, I got him first and I
ain't letting him go. See the
tail in my mouth !!
Prissy and Jewel owned by Michelle Heist.