How to Prevent a Pet's Car Sickness

Car sickness can be caused by car motion, confinement, previous bad experiences in a car,
a first-time ride or anticipation of the destination. Follow these steps over a period of weeks
to get your pet acclimated to driving.

1. Sit with your pet inside a parked car with the engine off.
2. Make your pet feel comfortable by providing treats or playing with the pet in the car.
3. Sit outside the car, a comfortable distance away, and play with your pet if he or she is too anxious to eat or play inside the vehicle.
4. Move closer to the car over a period of days or weeks until your pet feels comfortable playing next to it.
5. Get into the car once your pet is feeling comfortable being around it, and give your pet time to get used to these new surroundings.
6. Over a period of weeks, begin turning the engine on and off, and progress to driving up and down the driveway.
7. Take a spin around the block. Eventually, take the animal for longer car rides.

Remember Kids, no chocolate treats for your doggies, it can make them very sick.