The Rat Terrier not only comes in 3 sizes but also two body types. Rats that have a square, long leg look are shown as Class A.  Rat Terriers that have a shorter leg length  in proportion to body are shown as Class B. The following standards will apply to both classes with the exception of the difference in body to leg length (shown below) also see (Body Standards). These are two separate and unique body styles for the Rat Terrier and to keep them this way, it is recommended that they never be bred together. They have been with the Rat since their American existence, and there are no differences other than body style. Both Class A and B dogs share all of the same wonderful rat terrier traits. To deny either style would be to taint the existence of the breed.





   CLASS A 10:10/10:9 RATIO      CLASS B 10:8/10:7 RATIO

CLASS A - Height is approximately the same to length, measured from ground to withers and from point of shoulder to rump, length not to exceed 1 1/2" from height. For example if your dog is 12 " long, it should measure no less than 10 1/2" in height. Fault: excessive barrel chest or round body.
CLASS B - the shorter leg type, body length not to exceed 3 " or less than 1 3/4" from height. For example if your dog measures 12" in length, its height should fall between 9"- 10 1/4". Fault: excessive barrel chest or round body.
BACK: (Topline) Level, straight and strong. Tail set high coming right off the back.


Toys 10lbs. or less (Tots under 5lbs.) Height - not to exceed 12 inches
Mini over 10lbs up to 18lbs. Height - not to exceed 15 inches
Standard over 18lbs up to 28lbs. Height - not to exceed 18 inches  (measured from the withers to the ground)