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All pups come with an Agreement (please read it here), first shot and wormed.
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Email  or Phone 860-563-2293 or 860-719-9755 and leave a message
Email is the easiest contact
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Some of Burz's Dogs in there forever homes can be seen here
There is nothing like the companionship of a dog let alone a Rat Terrier. Adding one to your household will bring unconditional love and affection. Not only do they add peace and comfort to you while relaxing but they are your best friend when it comes time for fun activity. They are ready to spring into action helping you out with all your chores. They will hike, fetch, play and do just about anything your heart desires. That warm fuzzy puppy will grow into your heart and your mind.  Rats are high bonding dogs and very adaptable to most environments being a very social dog. Even older pups can still be molded and adapted to any new situation so don't be afraid to pick up an older pup.

What "Flavor" of Rat Terrier is your favorite? Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Black and White Cookies, Lemon Drops, Blue Ice, Juicy Apricot, Pearl Frosting, or the all time favorite Black White & Tan ?!!! Just add a few swirls of shimmery white and some love.

It is a life time commitment so you do need to be ready for the responsibility but the rewards are well surpassed.  Giving an innocent loving animal a chance to live out a fulfilled life is a reward all in itself. Give a Rat Terrier a chance, they are a long lived, healthy, intelligent creature that will bring additional enjoyment into your life especially in these times of stress. Animals revive the natural instincts that humans seemed to have lost along the way. They are always there for you………

All pups are paper trained. First and or second shot is done depending on age, wormed, tails docked and dew claws removed. We have been breeding Rat Terriers for 30 years so we know our heritage. We do our best to match up our breeding pairs to produce the best possible outcome breeding for health and soundness of temperament. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.






Some of Burz's dogs in there forever homes can be seen here.

Note*  Please email with requests or additional information.
We try to keep it updated as much as possible.
Please call  860-563-2293 or 860-719-9755 and leave a message. Easiest and fastest contact is Email.
Due to the volume of telemarketers please unblock your number when calling. If you still can not reach us please email. Thank you.

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