National Rat Terrier Association
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Itís the end of the year once again and the NRTA has been a great success thanks to all of our supporters throughout the years.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.

     We will continue on the same lines that we began, based on this association being for the Rat Terrier and not for any other reason. We will continue to watch carefully by our Health Survey to try and let everyone know that problems do come up in every breed but awareness of them makes all the difference in the world.

     The NRTA has always said that we will continue in our original direction and maintain autonomy and strength. Our Association is based on evolution.  It will evolve by what is going on now.  How our Rats exist today and why they are loved and what they are known for.  The primary interest is directed towards informing fanciers and breeders about the Rat Terrier. We have centered our attention on instilling fairness by having established a standard for how the breed is.  Keeping the breed in a form as it now exists, with its variations and variety's always in mind.
     Like we have stated in our original Goals, The NRTA is not an association that wants to keep doing what every other breed club has done.  We will not fall into the politics like so many other organizations and clubs have done. The ONLY time that we will be forced to play the political role is when we need to protect our Rats. The greatest justice that we can do to the Rat Terrier is to be true to the Rat Terrier. Let's do the right thing. 

Attention Everyone:

Donít be shy!!! Please send in your photos and stories on your Rat Terriers, or any other information on how you feed your dogs, what your dogs accomplishments are or simply write a little about how much or why you love your Rat Terrier. Show off your Rat and child or your rat doing some agility or therapy work. 

Breeders too, let others see your litters, your accomplishments and some of your up and coming stars!!!

People love reading and sharing things about the Rat Terrier. We have a wonderful breed here that we want to keep healthy, happy and around for a long long time. You can email the information or snail mail it.  You can remain anonymous if you like too.
Dogs Applying for Foundation Stock
10/12/03-1/12/04 one more month to go.

Dog:Burz Kira Owner April Snapp
Sire and Dam: 
Kid Rock 
Matanos Gem
Renees Lil Inky Man  / Renees Snicker Doodle
Burz Batman aka Baby  /  Burz Illusion

Dog: Burz Ouji Owner April Snapp
Randy Precourt
Burz Heaven
Burz Mozart v Hopkins /  Picide Dudas
Burz Wizard / Burz Truffle


If you have multiple generations born out of your kennel (at least 4), send in the names and photos of your dogs that come down that line and we will proudly share your accomplishment with our readers. 

Champion Of Merit

Please send in your potential champion!
     Dogs must be at least 1 year of age for submission. They must be registered with the NRTR. Both ears should be the same; all styles of ear sets are included. We cannot accept one up and one down. 
     Regardless of what the dog looks like to you, we can only judge the dog by the photos sent in. It is very important that you send in the best pictures that you possibly can. The photo may make or break the overall look of your dog. We look closely at the standards for the breed in choosing our winners.

Send in at least 3 pictures showing front, side and rear views of the dog.
Print and fill out this quick for

Send all submissions to:
Sherri Chatterton 
4796 Nursery Road 
Morganton, NC 28655 

As always, send in you comments or suggestions at any time.

The following list of people are available to take in a Rat Terrier that is in need. Please contact them if you are someone who is in need of finding a home. 
Karen Miltmore Washington, 509-662-3356,
Susan Hege Shannon, NC 910-875-4807
Kathrine Loftis Fayatte, AL 205-904-8782
Laura Barker, Exeter, NH 603-778-9988
Michelle Heist Northport, AL 205-333-7221
Carol Bowers Homosassa, FL 352-621-3110 
Deb O'Sullivan Pawling, NY 845-855-8162
Mike Brown, Coalville, UT  435-336-0511

The following people are available to help with placement only:
Patricia Blankenship Madison, MS 601-856-5347 E-mail
Sandra Blodget Bakersfield, CA 661-587-5654 E-mail


Please visit our Rescue and Adoption Board.
Here people can post dogs that need homes or want to rescue a rat in need. Please check it out. There are postings from many states in the USA. Help us find a match for some of these rats.
If you wish to be listed as a breeder with the NRTA, you need to fill out a Breeders Application, register your dogs with the NRTR and abide by the Codes of Ethics. You can locate this information at here or email us at to have the forms mailed to you or call us at 860-563-2293.

The following is a list of the NRTA officials. Please contact the representative that is closest to you if you have any questions. This list is subject to change on a quarterly basis; please check your current newsletter for any updates.
Cabinet Members
President  Margaret Burz - CT - 860-563-2293 E-Mail
Vice President  Barbara Cox -TX 409-386-1787 E-Mail
Treasurer  Chet Jackson - CT - 860-563-2293 E-Mail

District Vice Presidents

Chet Jackson - CT - 860-563-2293 District 1 New England
Marion Shiller - TX - (512) 455-9181 E-Mail District 2 Southwest
Lou Compton-Blanco - CA - 831-763-9121 E-mail District 5 West
Guy Chatterton - NC -(828) 584-6584 E-Mail District 3 South

Regional Directors

Stan Simon-MI-517-593-3405 North
Peter Precourt -CT - 860-228-9691  E-Mail -New England
Shirley Holubec - TX - 830-535-6507 E-Mail South
Mike Branch - NC - 336-366-2845 E-Mail South
Sherri Chatterton - NC -(828) 584-6584 E-Mail South
Deb O Sullivan - NY - 845-855-8162  E-Mail East

State Inspectors

Brenda Morris -IN - 812-883-2318 E-Mail
Kerri Darr -WA - 360-673-2861 E-Mail
Kathy Mateleska -NC - 704-633-1326
Joe Nonidez - GA - 404-529-1775 
Jackie Hagberg- CA- 209-674-4355 E-Mail
Roxanne Laing - CA - 209-966-2840 E-Mail
April Snapp - ME - 207-654-2399E-Mail
Susan Hege - NC - 910-980-1993 E-mail
Kathrine Loftis - AL - 205-904-8782
Carol & Jerome Bowers - FL 352-621-3110 E-mail

Decker Giant Advisory Team
Tim Brown
Rosalie Rinear
Stan Simon
Guy Chatterton

To Register With the National Rat Terrier Registry (NRTR)

     The NRTA database tracks color genetics and other tell-tail genetic indicators such as NB-tails. The Decker Rat Terrier is being registered along with the percentage of Decker blood that is actually carried. We have listings up to 9 generations tracking back the history of our Rats on many of our dogs including the decker strain that goes back as far as the original Decker's Henry.

     By registering your dogs through the NRTA you help insure the protection of the breed. We maintain records that clearly define the development of our breed. We record not only your dog's ancestry, but define a clear picture of the dogs that went into the makeup of the breed and how it has changed since its introduction to America.

If we don't hear your comments or suggestions we will never know you have them.
Thanks, NRTA
NRTA Code Of Ethics
NRTA Breeders Code Of Ethics