Just Some Rats and Their People
Getting this puppy has been a wonderful experience. We named her Catch.
And she is growing up to be a beautiful girl. Catch and Chase (her beagle sister), 
play all day.  Thanks. Carmen Sanchez
This is Carter and he is so precious!  He completed obedience school in June.  Although, he tests us whenever possible. 
He is very lovable.  I still wish for another. Patty Kopeloff
I just thought I would drop you a quick email and send a picture of this happy healthy little girl.  She was an offspring of Nelix and Apple Annie. Gateway has brought nothing but joy to our house...  Thanks again...Jessica Mullen
.Higgins will be a year old Aug 20. He is a wonderful animal, loving, smart, playful, and much more of an alpha dog than Dibblee was, and very barky. Here's a picture taken about a week ago. He really is a cutie! Best wishes,
Ira and David
Mighty Max owned by Sue 
Newsham and Dan Sweeney
Coffee & Cream Boscotti Owned
by June Warren, IN
This is Lexi Shelton with Sir Dudley Poopsalot
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