More Of Our Glorious Rats

     Pal & I were in Jersey, my mother was having a bad day, but was sitting at the kitchen table.  Pal was standing quietly beside her, & she was petting his head.  Suddenly I remembered what we had set out to do before she called him. I said to him "Hey, you've got to pee," and right there, without moving a muscle, without blinking, without giving any indication, he peed!  My mother & I watched him (on the carpet, no less) open-mouthed, we were so stunned.  Then we burst out laughing, she laughed for a long time.  Even after that he didn't move, & she went back to petting him while I tried to clean up around them.

     Yesterday we had Christmas in July here, Pal was decked out & Santa even gave him a present!  I've got some great pictures of him, have to wait for the webmaster to send them then I'll send them on.  Had to put him on a leash because I lost him for a bit, everyone was looking for him, we were starting to panic, but some kid was holding him on his lap at a table.  Kid wouldn't leave him alone, so I leashed him, afraid the kid would take off with him.
Connie NH

     This is a story about Gucci and Neeka.  We just moved to a new, larger home in the same area and they are loving it.  We have a big hillside that they love to explore.  We were worried about them adapting to a new place, but they took to it immediately.  They are having a blast.  These two are the most spoiled, pampered little dogs.  They are fawned over and given so much
attention, it is so ridiculous.  They crack us up all the time.  Neeka is like my little shadow.  She follows me everywhere.  Gucci is a big love-bug and demands attention constantly.  They really get along beautifully and it has been so great to have them both together.  I can't believe how much we love them.  They really are joys in our lives.  The kids love them so much,
too and they have done so well with the children.  Never once have they snapped or growled at them.  They just became another extension of the family.  It's been wonderful.

While I was in New York over New Year's, I was walking by a pet store and saw a tiny rat terrier puppy in the window.  It had the exact same marking as Gucci on her head.  I couldn't believe it.  I thought they might be related..who knows?  I wasn't sure if that was a common marking on a rat terrier.   I wish I could have taken that one home, too!

Jeannine Lorenz

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