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 Is The Rat Terrier Right For Me?

    What is a Rat Terrier? For those who don’t know may conjure up this awful image of an ugly city rodent that only causes harm and wreaks havoc. But for those of us who do know, the Rat Terrier is a breed of dog that is surpassing many other breeds these days. They are the dogs the people speak of as being different somehow, or like human, or some wonderful alien from another planet that has come to spread joy to the humans on earth. These little dogs or not so little, look at you with an expression as if they know exactly what you are talking about, and frankly, they probably do! They don’t simply cock their heads, they use their ears, eyes, lips and every other part of their body to relate to you what it is they want or to make sure that you know they understand.

   They are sensitive and innocent living for sheer pleasures and giving love to anyone who surrounds them. Yet have the intestinal fortitude of a Great Dane and the ability of the hunt like a mountain lion. And don't think that they don’t have the intelligence to fool you. That intense look of innocence can be turned into a powerful emotion grabber. "Sorry, I didn't mean to crash into your face when I tried to kiss you! I'm just so happy to see you" and "I'm not looking out of the corner of my eye waiting for you to leave so I can do what I'm not suppose to !"

   It is a breed that demands to all Rat lovers that we help to keep them a healthy, intelligent breed so that they can be around for many many generations in the future. Many breeds have come into popularity only to go out because of major health issues or by being cloned into another breed leaving behind the true values of the original breed.  The Rat has a grand start of staying in existence as a healthy specimen because of the variations and types that it contains now. This makes for a huge gene pool.

   One of the unique qualities that Rat Terriers have is that regardless of the size or color or minor variations in their looks, they have wonderful temperaments and without a doubt you can identify that it is a Rat Terrier, usually at a glance. Indeed they hold a very special demeanor that makes them what they are and regardless, you can't seem to get rid of it. They have endless energy yet love to be couch potatoes. Rats can be a handful as puppies but fortunately mellow with age.

   When we think of the Rat Terrier as a breed we should think of less is more, unique is wonderful and quality not quantity.

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