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Toys Toys and More Toys

   Every dog and puppy love toys, of course we all know that right? The more the better. But there are safe toys and training toys and dental toys and chew toys and carry around toys, well you get the picture !

Basically non food toys are the best. There has been a lot of press about toys being made in different countries that are loaded with toxins and worse, for animals. Generally you are safe with Rubber, Vinyl, Nylon toys in flavors and Kong toys. Rope toys can be a lot of fun for throwing and playing tug of war with but they can also shred up and get caught in your dogs throat. So be aware and play safely with them. The perks to this kind of toy is that they can help clean your dogs teeth.

Stuffed toys can be a hazard too. If your dog loves to just carry around and cuddle with this type of toy no problem but once they start ripping the stuffing out beware.

Rawhide, Pig Ears and Hooves are also not the best of toys. Rawhide pieces can be ripped off and once swallowed they expand and are capable of getting stuck in the stomach and intestines which requires surgery to remove. Pig Ears and Hooves can be loaded with all kinds of unfriendly bacteria. Steer clear of them.

And well, Squeeky toys will not only drive you nuts but the first thing a dog or pup goes after is the squeeker. They can be lots of fun for the pups but tear apart easily, best to skip this one.

Tennis balls and Frisbee's are a great toy and most dogs adore them. Puppy's sometimes chew the casing off of tennis balls and that can be a hazard so just watch for that. You will learn as your pup or dog plays with the toys which type they gravitate too. Quickly you will learn what toys are good for them and not so good.

There are so many toys out on the market today you will not be at a loss for a variety to buy. It's great to keep them on hand for training purposes or distraction or just plain fun.


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