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Why the NRTA

   We are an association working solely for the betterment of the Rat Terrier. It is based on how the Rat Terrier has come into existence and how it has changed over time. How our Rats have existed up until today, why they are loved and what they are known for. The primary interest is directed towards informing fanciers and breeders about the Rat Terrier. Think of us as a handbook.

   We have centered our attention on instilling fairness by having established a Breed Standard in 1995. We have meticulously tracked our pedigrees including their health history from when the Rat Terrier was formed and how it now exists, keeping variations and variety's always in mind. There are 3 sizes and two body types. Class A for the square long leg type and Class B for the short legged longer body style. The 3 sizes include Toy/Tot, Mini, & Standard. There is also the Decker Strain of Rat Terrier. The Decker is typically larger ranging in size from about 23 pounds to as large as 40+ pounds and was created specifically for hunting and companion.

   Our Association Concentrates on recording history in our Database to further good lines and to offer photo or written pedigrees up to 5 generations with the National Rat Terrier Registry NRTR. We feel that the registrations are necessary to maintain high standards as an organization and it also keeps our original philosophy of keeping the breed in its pure form. 

Our Main Goals are:

To put forth the truth and facts about the make-up of the Rat Terrier breed, taken from documented history for accurate up to date information about the breed.

To encourage honest Rat Terrier breeding by preserving them in their purest form.

We are an organization dedicated against any exploitation's or falsified pedigrees for any breeder or show dogs benefit. We do not accept registrations from these type of breeders. 

   The National Rat Terrier Association was developed for these reasons and was formed for the love of this extraordinary breed only. We are an association built by ordinary people for ordinary people. A lot of ordinary people make an extraordinary organization.

An Association for your Rat and You !

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